Friday, February 20, 2004

All singing, all dancing, totally electric

(I think) I have managed to iron out all the remaining issues with my website. That includes a brand new design for my weblog! It's quite a bit more lightweight, and has the additional advantage that it won't need to be updated every time my main website's design is updated.

The NEWTS website is now an exercise in geekery. I run NEWTS (a PHP application) over the source tree. It invokes Ant (a Java application), which in turn invokes Docutils (a Python application). But it does what it's meant to do just about perfectly, which is to check out the NEWTS sources from CVS, build a CVS snapshot, build the documentation, and build all that into the website.

If you see any problems with my website (before you point it out, yes, I know MSIE has a broken CSS implementation) scream. I will be.

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