Saturday, March 13, 2004

Terrible weekend

I'm really fed up this morning. Because there's no CMS this morning (there's a concert this evening instead) I'm stuck at school for just one lesson, Physics with Mr H., right at the end of the morning. So once I finally get out of here after lunch, it's going to be about 2 hours on the bus to get home, and then I have to go straight out to get a bus to the concert. If it wasn't for Chopper's lesson (sure to be dull as ditchwater), I could have gone home last night, and spent most of the day with Lizzie. As it is, I've slaved over some nasty calculus, done a bit of horn practise, and updated my website.

Tomorrow should be better though: although I'll have to make my own way home from my horn lesson, in the afternoon I'm going to get my bike out, fix the flat tyre, and go off cycling: I'm going to find the best cycling route from our new house to Lizzie's place. Hopefully walking from Horspath to Cowley won't take too long... I'm glad I've managed to get out of singing in the Bach St. John Passion on Sunday, or it really would be a terrible weekend.

Speaking of website updates, I've added quite a bit: a new section about shooting, including my 2003 reports for the Buzz (the school newspaper). I've also added a concert diary, outlining some upcoming concerts I'm playing in.

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