Monday, April 23, 2007

Farewell, TWU

Sadly, I've had to move away from TWU, where my site had been hosted for several years, after e-mail services disappeared for a day without warning. The change had been looming for a while, given TWU's movment away from hosting towards consulting; indeed, the fact that I hadn't been even able to get in touch with the admins to pay them for my hosting for more than a year had been a major concern.

Following the recommendation of my friend George, I've switched to using The Implementation Centre, who are based in the UK and run several high-profile sites. This, of course, costs more money for fewer features (I have much less disk space, and no CGI scripts or SSH access), but hopefully lack of flexibility will be more than made up for by reliability.

Maintaining this website has turned out to be a good idea; I recently got a job thanks to someone who found it (and my CV) somehow, and so perhaps I ought to give this blog a little more tender loving attention in the next few months. If I have time and remember to do so, that is.

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