Friday, July 17, 2009

This will seem like bragging...

This will seem like bragging, but in retrospect I really did rather well at Cambridge. These are the prizes and scholarships I was awarded over my four years:

  • Emily Davies Scholarship (twice)
  • Henry Tompkinson Scholarship
  • Beatrice Mills Prize
  • Rosalind, Lady Carlisle Prize
  • Raemakers Prize
  • Accenture Second Year Computing Prize
  • i2 Ltd. Third Year Computer-Based Project Prize

Of course, those successes paled into insignificance alongside the accomplishments of some of my peers at certain prestigious inner-city colleges, but I think I did okay for a hick from the sticks (i.e. a Girtonian)!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I also blagged a (large) award from the academic funds for a plane ticket to a conference at MIT. But that was more of a success in terms of "social engineering" than actual engineering!

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