Tuesday, March 18, 2003

I can't believe how much better my violin playing is sounding nowadays! I think I might actually be able to take my Grade 7 in the autumn... but right now the priority is to practise for my Grade 8 horn, which I'm hoping to take next year. My statistics teacher (Mr Mackay) is introducing something called the Model United Nations to the school. It sounds interesting... perhaps I could be on the security council. BTW, one thing I particularily find amusing about the UN is the fact that that the UN resolutions are all one sentence - extending to a page or more. It makes them very hard to read, IMHO. This weekend I'm going to get new hosting for my website, with 34 SP. And since I'll have both PHP and MySQL access, it seems that all my work on NEWTS was a bit pointless. Then again, it'll be useful to tide me over until I design a full CMS.

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