Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Oops, haven't been updating again... I got a distinction in my Grade 8 horn exam!!! The Schools' Meet and the Imperial Meeting went quite well. I'm now the Captain of Shooting (yay!) but unfortunately we didn't actually do that well - we came second in the Marling and in the Team Snapshooting, and our 'B' team won the Falling Plates (our 'A' team came third). The next week some of our team went back to Bisley to shoot the Imperial because we want to apply to the GB youth teams for next year. I don't rate my chances though - I shot poorly, and that's what matters... Since then I've been doing lots of cycling - I'm cycling to Wales next week - and reading, and I've been doing some work on QuArK - latest snapshots are at SourceForge. In other news, I'm heading up the RAF section of our school Cadet Force next year, and I'm Deputy House Captain. And leader of the orchestra, but that doesn't count for much, unfortunately. I've made some updates to my website, but they won't be visible until I get my new hosting working.

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