Sunday, January 25, 2004

Well, that wasn't too great a weekend. Saturday was a bit depressing: despite all my practise recently, CMS went really badly for me. Then Lizzie, J. and myself went out for lunch, but Lizzie didn't feel like eating and went home early... I'm quite worried about her, actually. Anyway, after lunch I went shopping, and ordered a new suit! The one I'm using for schoolwear at the moment is seriously wearing out, and I've got job interviews coming up (hopefully), so I've decided I need a new one. I went all over Oxford looking for something: I'm quite a difficult size to fit (38" short jacket, 30" waist). As usual, I ended up in Alders, and not only did they have something in a cut I liked, but the customer service was very impressive. Unfortunately they didn't have it in the material I wanted, so they've ordered one for me: hopefully they'll have got it in by next weekend... Other than that, we've been running around like mad trying to pack the house up... but more about that sometime soon. G. had an anaphylactic shock on Saturday night, just to make matters worse. Sigh.

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