Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Somehow, it's working

Somehow, my QBSP3 is now correctly aligning textures on entities with 'origin' brushes. This is wierd. I have no idea how it's doing it.

It only happens for QuArK ETP map files, so that would imply that it's something to do with Armin's code that I added yesterday. But it's still wierd, since Armin's code doesn't do it correctly!

Testcase as it appears in QuArK:

Testcase as it appears ingame (using my QBSP3 + my QVIS3 + ArghRad 3.00 beta):

Unfortunately, I've got a fairly serious regression: something I've done has broken my QRAD3. It just doesn't work at all, which is pretty worrying, and I'm not sure how to find out where the breakage is...

Update: It's not my fault! GDW's QRAD3 doesn't work either! Oh, wait... that means I don't have any clues as to how to get it working.

Let's just hope I can get my hands on the ArghRad source code.

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