Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Website updates and component library work

In order to put (much) more information about my gEDA work on my website, there's been a slight reorganization; I've made a new section for "software" in which I've put a whole page on gEDA development. It contains more information on my git repositories and the tools I use.

I've also put a list of things I've been working on recently, and a list of things I've got planned.

I've now been able to implement support for using Guile functions as the backend for a component library. Amusingly, I worked out that both directory and command backends could be easily (trivially?) implemented using this feature, assuming the appropriate Scheme functions for reading files & directories and executing programs were available. And I suspect that this would be a lot easier than the large amount of C code I currently have to do this. However, I cannot guarantee that the necessary libraries will be present on a user's system, so I think that it's going to stay the way it is for the time being.

I'm getting quite concerned by the huge stack of changes I need to commit to CVS, and I'm hoping that not too many things will change on the CVS trunk before I get the chance to get my stuff in. Fortunately I think I should be able to use stgit to make sure my trees don't diverge too far from CVS.

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