Saturday, June 30, 2007

Making embedding more useful

One of the trickiest problems electronic engineers have is with keeping their symbol libraries up-to-date while not breaking old schematics (e.g. with changing pin positions).

Currently, most people use one of two approaches to managing the problem:

  1. gEDA has the ability to embed symbol data in the schematic file, making the schematic independent of changing symbol libraries, and some people choose to embed all their symbols. However, a full copy of the symbol is embedded for each time it's instantiated in the schematic, making the file size bloat enormously. In addition, not only is neither possible to check whether any of the symbols have updated versions available in the library nor to update all symbols of a given type together, it is also impossible to make sure that all symbols of the same type are embedded from the same version of that symbol.
  2. gEDA also has the ability to use a project-specific configuration file which lives in the same directory as the schematics. This can be used to implement a project-specific component library where all symbols used by the project live. Although this solves the problem of keeping all symbols in the project in sync with each other, it is quite high maintenance to keep the project library in sync with a "master" library. It is also still impossible to automatically check for newer versions and update them.

My solution to this would be to add the missing features to the embedding functionality (presupposing that these embedding bugs [1692626] are also fixed).

By default, each symbol used would automatically have a single copy embedded in the schematic, which instances of that symbol would reference. This would mean that all instances of a given symbol would be upgraded in lockstep, eliminating inconsistencies.

A hash algorithm would be used to compare the embedded version of a symbol with the latest library version. If they differ, an icon would be shown in a new component manager (derived from the current component selector) and users would be able to update symbols from there, either all symbols at once or one symbol at a time.

I have yet to work out whether it should be possible to edit symbols which do not exist in the local library, but it should certainly be possible to open them for read-only viewing or export them to discrete symbol files.

I believe this solution would eliminate most of the current deficiencies of gEDA and gschem for keeping archived schematics safe and keeping current schematics in sync with libraries.

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