Saturday, June 25, 2011

The gEDA Scheme API manual is here

I'm currently working to get my guile-scheme-api branch ready to merge into the main unstable gEDA branch (master). One of the main jobs that needed to get done before that's possible was to write a reference manual for all of the Scheme functions and variables that the new Scheme API provides, and I've now done that!

If you're interested in writing extensions for gEDA, please take a look at the draft gEDA Scheme Reference Manual and let me know what you think. I'm keen to receive any feedback you might have, whether about the manual or about the API itself.

I'm hoping to merge my work so far in this branch into unstable within the next week. At the same time, I'm aiming to add the following missing functionality as soon as possible:

  • Object transformations (translation, rotation and mirroring)
  • Picture object creation and manipulation
  • Path object creation and manipulation (quite tricky, unfortunately)
  • File saving and loading
  • Picture and component embedding/unembedding

These are all things that I'm sure extension authors would be quite interested in having available to them! Hopefully we'll see all sorts of interesting new capabilities for gEDA users coming out soon.

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