Thursday, January 22, 2004

It's depressing when an old friend talks about your religion in a negative and bigotted manner. It's even sadder when someone is so cynical about something that the aspects of it they perceive as negative grow and grow until they don't see any good it about it at all. Sure, no religion is perfect. The Catholic Church itself knows that it isn't perfect, because we're all people, and people make mistakes. But it's not that bad, and it means no harm to anyone. On a side topic, I've had the discussion with several people recently about the UK's discrimination laws, and how if you're black, or asian, or disabled, or a Muslim or a Jew, or from a poor background, or aged, or female, then you'll almost always have recourse to complain about someone discriminating against you, especially in terms of employment. But if you're a 30-year old Christian man of white origin, you don't have a chance in court, even if you have been discriminated against for religious, racial or sexual reasons.

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