Friday, September 19, 2003

The casting's been announced for Pirates - and I'm the Pirate King! We still can't play full contact rugby, because the ground's too hard (it hasn't rained properly in weeks), but the senior squad's been split into four and we're going to have a touch rugby tournament tomorrow. Training today was good fun - and we're going win. As far as the GB U19 shooting team form is concerned... this morning I managed to get a character report done by Mr. Hennessy, got it endorsed by the headmaster, printed a photo and attached it to the form, and having done all that noticed that Mr. Topham had failed to sign a crucial part of the form. So I had to get hold of Major Fraser at CCRS (a saga in itself) and he told me to send a photocopy and then send the real thing when I'd got Mr. Topham to sign it on Monday. Now, I wonder if my suspicion that Dr. Nicoll has lost my Cambridge form is correct?

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