Sunday, September 07, 2003

I got my comeupance for "borrowing" a CD player from the Music Dept: it was a broken CD player, and it scratched my copy of "Night Works" (Layo & Bushwacka). I am now somewhat disgruntled. Fortunately, however, I'd made an MP3 backup. Isn't it a good thing the CD wasn't pirate-proof? I've spent most of the day shooting at Pirbright, training for the CADet Skill-at-Arms Match (CADSAM). My brother's being really annoyingly good at the moment: it's not that he's good, it's that he's ridiculously good without even seeming to try, whereas I try really hard and am still only fairly competent. It's infuriating. Concert plug: OCYO are playing their annual Gala Concert in Oxford Town Hall on September 13th. Programme: Rimsky Korsakov Russian Easter Festival Overture, Debussy L'Apr├ęs Midi d'Une Faune, Hindermitt Symphonic Metamorphoses, and Rachmaninov's Second Symphony. It should be good, so come along if you have time! I'm playing first horn in the Hindermitt, so I'd better do some practice this week. The Adams Family is an incredibly amusing film.

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