Monday, February 09, 2004


It's not my website that's broken. It's Internet Explorer. Use a decent browser. More detail later. Lizzie and I went to see a movie on Saturday afternoon! We'd been meaning to for months, but had always been too busy to get round to it. We went to see The Last Samurai in Oxford, and I enjoyed it lots. It's an action film, but it's very thoughtful (or at least seems to be): much more Saving Private Ryan than Blade. I will be buying it on DVD. I also updated my website, paring down the content of the XHTML files to the bare minimum (no more tables)! So that means that it's all the more important that your browser supports CSS2. I also changed all my file extensions to '.xml'. Because I do all my testing on non-broken browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firebird and Opera), I didn't notice that IE doesn't look at XML doctype definitions to see whether it can render the document. Basically, IE is broken. I'll fix it next weekend.

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