Thursday, February 05, 2004

Typing away

I've been firing of lots of e-mails this morning already. First off was to my contact at the Year in Industry. It's now been two weeks since I (tried) to contact MBDA Missile Systems, and they haven't even sent me an acknowledgement of receipt of my application. I'm naturally a bit concerned, and that's what I've told her. I can't help but worry that they've thought, "This guy's so rude, we're going to ignore him." And I really, really want the placement. Then I e-mailed a couple of my friends: one who used to go to primary school with me, and one who I got in contact with through shooting. Interestingly, all three people I e-mailed this morning were female. On the subject of YinI, apparently some company called QinetiQ want to interview me... *goes to look at website*

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