Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Disaster strikes

After getting KDE working (beautifully) by this morning, I set about downloading and installing OpenOffice in order to facilitate writing some business letters. I installed the dependencies (Java Development Kit 1.4, Apache Ant, etc, etc...), started the build, and left it to run over lunch and the early afternoon. I got back from Chemistry at about three o'clock, brought up the KDE password prompt to unlock the screen, and hit Enter. Nothing happened, so I hit Enter again. After a few seconds, the prompt timed out and disappeared. I brought it up again, typed in my password and pressed Enter. Still no response. Little placeholder stars were appearing when I typed in my password characters, but the Enter key seemed to be having no effect. I hit Alt-F1 to change to a different virtual console, and tried to log in, but still nothing from the Enter key. Rebooting to the BIOS, I found by a process of trial and error that my Enter, Up, Down and Right keys have failed. At least. And without those keys I can't even boot into my LFS system, let alone log in or do anything else useful. I have a feeling I'm going to be shopping for a new computer sometime soon...

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