Friday, May 14, 2004

Midnight ramblings

Interesting things going on. It was our school Inter-House Music Competition this evening. Although I was nominally in charge of our entry, I delegated the responsibility to my brother, who not only wrote a piece for the impromptu jazz ensemble we put together (in which he played trumpet), but also sang the solo item and set up the the chapel for the event. Leaving me nothing to do apart from turn up on the night and clap loudly when we won. The "sixth form centre" opened today as well. Basically, it's an area in the sports centre with comfy chairs and tables (think starbucks) and a bar. So I went up there and drank some beer and chatted to some people about sundry things, before coming back here... ...and discovering that the new version of Blogger has support for comments built in! So now I don't have to use Enetation (which isn't very cross-browser compatible), and I can have a separate page per blog entry! Tomorrow I'll rewrite my template. I'm not sure if that will be before or after doing my Statistics prep (for tomorrow morning) or compiling an X server for my LFS installation. I just remembered we've got a shooting match tomorrow, so I probably ought to go to bed and sleep off the alcohol.

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