Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And progress continues apace

I think I've finally cracked the maths behind the Brush Primitives format, which is a good start. I've written it up on the buildutils wiki. Now I just need to work out the maths behind the other two formats that I need to support (Classic Quake and QuArK ETP) and all will be well.

I took the time to move the tools over to using GNU getopt to parse command line options -- something I've been meaning to do for a while, because not only is it easier to maintain, but it needs a lot less code: you can see what each of the command-line options do at the code level much more easily now.

I also renamed them: the package is now buildutils-q2bsp and the four tools are q2bsp, q2vis, q2rad and q2bspinfo.

I have, however, just noticed a somewhat worrying problem. When I load a map I've compiled in Quake II, the sky doesn't work; I just see a flat texture. However, when I load one the Quake II game proper (for example), the skybox works just fine. I'll investigate further, but not now because it's the middle of the night...

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