Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'm currently in the happy position of having just completely messed up two A-Level Chemistry papers. Fortunately, Chemistry isn't particularly critical for me, so I can afford to get a B, but it would be nice not to. On the other hand, my Maths papers have been going well so far. The beginning of next week is going to be traumatic though: Physics synoptic paper on Monday afternoon, Chemistry synoptic on Tuesday morning and Pure Maths 4 and 5 on Tuesday afternoon. I'm not looking forward to that little lot at all.

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Anonymous said...

peter, your interest in space is so profound, and i find your writing is like the most beautiful poetry, that fires up ,my soul. I feel myself becoming aroused, when reading your diary. You clearly are a genius. i'm so glad you broke up with your girlfriend, who sounded like a bitch and doesnt deserve you, i bet your a love machine! may be we could meet up some time?
from a most ardent admirer xxx