Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Pranking around

Traditionally at our school, the week before the summer half term (and, therefore, the school open day) is heavily disrupted by the Upper 6th fooling about. So, not being the sort of people who break an established tradition, we carried out the following atrocities.

On Monday, a number of people dressed in combats and masks ran into whole school assembly and stole the school captain.

On Wednesday, I had my last Physics lesson with Mr. H. I sauntered in 20 minutes late, wearing none of the right school uniform, swigging from a vodka bottle. I think he found it funny.

On Wednesday night, we put a clapped out little Citroen into the main hall of Norris House. Unfortunately I wasn't involved in that, because I was ill in bed. Apparently it was the first car-moving prank for about two decades, so that was good.

Thursday night was our big prank. All week, the school refectory staff had been locking up really carefully, closing all the windows and chaining up the doors. Not to ignore a good challenge, we broke in in the middle of the night, and moved all the furniture onto the school croquet lawn. Not yet satisfied, we also moved the Citroen and all the staff dining room's furniture into the refectory. Then we removed all traces of our way in, as far as was possible. We are legends.

On Friday I did some random busking, running into rooms with my violin, playing at people, and then running off. That was funny too.

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