Saturday, June 05, 2004

The joy of Blockbuster

On Thursday I decided to become a member of Blockbuster, so that I could rent The Return of the King and finally get to watch it.

All went swimmingly until about halfway through the battle of Pelennor Field, when there was a corrupt sector on the disc. So I took the DVD back to the branch, and got another box in return - but upon returning home, found it had two Special Features discs in it.

I took the box back on Friday afternoon, and got it exchanged, and got an extra day and a free rental for my trouble. But upon getting home late on Friday evening, I found the box had two Special Features discs in again. You can imagine how pleased I was about that.

Anyway, so today I've finally got it replaced again, and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the movie. I might start again from the beginning now, coming to think about it.

As an aside, I'm using MPlayer to play DVDs, but sometimes it gets really stuttery and I have to reboot before it'll play the DVD smoothly. I also sometimes get "Your computer is too slow, sucker" messages as well, which are annoying. I really like the text-mode DVD playback though...

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