Thursday, March 11, 2004

Fly, flying away

I to RAF Benson during CCF today, to fly Tutors (the RAF's current initial training aircraft). This was my last time flying them as a cadet: we don't have any more flying sessions there booked this year. I had a half hour sortie. After takeoff, we flew towards Didcot, and then just about managed to find enough clear air to do some aerobatics. Doing a loop is very strange: you pull lots of Gs while you climb, and then you look upwards and backwards and see the ground come into view - a wierd feeling. There's a kind of momentary feeling of hanging, and then you're heading straight towards the ground, pulling heavy Gs again. It's even wierder when you're flying the plane yourself. We also did some upside-down flying, which was truly bizarre, hanging from your harness while looking up at the ground. I had a major headache for the rest of the day though, because my helmet was too tight. Oh well.

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