Monday, March 29, 2004

Long over-due

It's about time I updated this thing. I've been so busy since this time last week I just haven't had the time do anything, really. Wednesday was the job interview at Snell & Wilcox. I found out a lot about the company during the day: basically, they make digital signal processing equipment for TV broadcasters. For instance, they make equipment for converting between various standards (e.g. PAL-NTSC, SDTV-HDTV), and they've got some pretty cool kit for that. They've also got a piece of equipment called Archangel for restoring archive film: they showed us a demonstration of some pretty appalling footage being restored very convincingly, removing loads of defects such as banding, shaking, interference, all sorts. Very very impressive. Unfortunately, they were running late, meaning that I left two hours late, and only got back to school at 2100 (after leaving school at 0630 in the morning); by which time I was so knackered that I just went to bed. Then on Thursday I had lessons and school mass in the morning, and then after a token showing at CCF to keep up appearances, I went home in order to go to a party in the evening: my friend G. was having her 17th birthday party at a bar in the town we've just moved to. And that was great fun, apart from... ...having to get up at 0545 in the morning to get to school in time for roll call. Then I slept through the usual boring drivel at end of term assembly (hours of pointless football statistics, mostly), before having a single lesson with Mr. P. where we just had a chat. And apart from that I just haven't really been bothered, even though I've had the time... just about... to write something here. I might find the time sometime later today, before I have to go to rehearse for Bye Bye Birdie.

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