Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Planet or satellite

I had first lesson off this morning, so while doing some prep I listened to the Chris Moyles show on Radio One. Now, at 09:00 every day, Comedy Dave does a spiel called 'Tedious Link', where he has to connect the previous day's Tedious Link track to the current day's via a series of seemingly arbitrary (and extremely clever) coincidences. Now, today Dave made some reference to the Moon being a planet, which caused no end of uproar. Chris said that the Moon was a satellite, and Dave stuck by his statement that the Moon was a planet. And guess who they called up to resolve the issue? Sir Patrick Moore, the venerable astronomer, and presenter of "The Sky at Night". It was surreal, and very funny, because for 10 minutes it seemed as if Radio One had suddenly turned into Radio Four. Naturally, Sir Patrick clarified the issue: planets orbit stars, and satellites orbit planets. Chris was naturally very pleased with himself. I'm quite impressed by how willing Sir Patrick is to get stuck in and set the record straight, even at his age. He's a legend.

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