Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I just thought that I've been so preoccupied with writing journal articles recently that I haven't thought about describing the things I've been up to recently.

Back in January I mentioned that I was working up Schumann's Adagio und Allegro for the school Instrumental Competition, and that my horn teacher thought I couldn't do it. The competition was on Friday, and contrary to his expectations, I did win! That makes it twice I've won now (I won it in 2001 playing Nocturne by Franz Strauss).

Of course, the big gig is on Friday 19th March, when I'm going to be competing against several of my friends from CMS. There are going to be seven of us competing, and the standard will probably be very high, so it could be quite exciting! Lizzie's coming along to listen, as are most of my family.

On Sunday Greg and I had a band call for a show we're playing in with OYMT, Bye Bye Birdie. The music's very hard, but it's good fun as well, and lots of people I know are involved. Evening performances are on the 31st March, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd of April at St. Helen and St. Catherine's School Abingdon. There are matinees on the 1st and 3rd of April. Come and see it, because it's going to be very good.

On Friday night Lizzie's family took me to the National Guild of Master Bakers' Oxford branch's annual dinner dance. Which was interesting: the food was very nice, but unfortunately the music and dancing was definitely somewhat dubious.

Next Saturday I'm playing in a CMS concert at Burford school...

I'm far too busy.

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